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The Company


” Never thought for quickly satisfies to a success which has been reached for although that only one second”

As acompany which has owned best reputation and image amongc ustomer/client,partner effort for and even business rival, PT.YAMINDOMAJULESTARI always copes to increase the performance and business competitiveness. Various successes and successfulness which has been reached for till now will never make company to stop the business growth rate anytime.

Effort that is continuously done in increasing quality and professionalism of human resource activity through various in wrought education programs and training by using sophisticated computer, internet and modern telecommunications system is seriousness reality evidence of management in increasing competitiveness and business performance.

The Employee


“Employee is main asset of most valuable company”

PT. YAMINDOMAJULESTARI always esteems employee by making themas main asset of most valuable company. Various research programs and human resource designed in such a manner has been done initial since company developing.

Pass recruitment process of employee selectively and tight and levying of evaluation and observation of employee performance periodically makes company always guarantees location of employee has been done accurately and position/occupation matching with the each expertise.

We realizes fully that employee as main asset of most valuable company has given big contribution for every success and successfulness which has been reached for company. Pass career ladder program done chronically and gift various bonuses,subsidy, job/activity facility and appreciation to every achievement employee, makes company and employee can be harmony together.

Business Service


“One of best effort offering services is with low risk”

This philosophy is most basic reference for company in making and determines best standard of service effort for PT.YAMINDO MAJULESTARI. Globally,service effort for this low risk dedicated by company as a business service capable to give highest satisfaction taste and depress maximum disappointment to third parties, that are :shipper as business service user, PT.YAMINDO MAJULESTARI as freight forwarder service and consignee as business service end user.

Company always orientates service effort for having risk this low to all aspects which there is in the business service, value from giving of selling price competitively,   giving of best quality of business service through usage of systems and cargo operational method modernly and in wrought, giving of best customer/client service before and after customer/client applies service effort for company up to supply various amenities and flexible in transacting with company.

The Customers


“Highest satisfaction of customer/client is anything”

YAMINDO MAJULESTARI always copes continually to increase and optimal of customer satisfaction to various services effort for company applied by it. Pass improvement of quality that is continually is strived company to customer/client service system owned, starts from improvement of quality of customer/client support from inpersonal up to customer/client support from applies sophisticated computer,internet and modern communication means, entrustsfull of delivery service and transportation of their cargo to companies.

Every linesof company residing with customer/client service layer has educated and trains professionally in giving customer/client support from. They are all always cordially and simple gives technical help and explanation required by customer/client and assists customer/client in giving solution and certain suggestions to delivery and transportation of their cargo.

"The secret of business is to know something that nobody else knows"

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